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Become a Water Steward

1 December 2015

The Western Port Biosphere is inviting managers of horticultural farms, plant nurseries, chicken and livestock farms, schools and other landholders along Watson Creek and within its catchment to be at the forefront of Water Stewardship.  Water Stewardship is a form of catchment and water management which is applied at a site or catchment scale, and is externally accredited. 

The benefits of being a Water Steward include:

·         cost savings through more efficient water and fertilizer management

·         a more secure water future

·         recognition of good practice through a documented Water Stewardship Plan

·         accreditation as a Water Steward; and

·         the potential for funding for on-site works.

For information about becoming a Water Steward contact:

Lance Lloyd, Water Stewardship Project Officer

Email: lancel@biosphere.org.au