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The Rewards of Engagement

April 8, 2021

The AGL GAS PROPOSAL HAS BEEN RULED OUT.  You may have already heard the headline.  It is great news.  In his rejection of the proposal Richard Wynne said “It’s very clear to me that this project would cause unacceptable impacts on the Western Port environment and the Ramsar wetlands – it’s important that these areas are protected.”  Exactly.

There is a second equally important point about this outcome: the EES and review system worked, and it worked because of community engagement.  If groups like Save Western Port, ourselves and individuals like Rob Harrison, amongst many others, hadn’t spoken out, it is likely that the proposal would have been approved.  Our voices were heard.  At a time of cynicism about politics and the power of industry, it is worth remembering that.  No doubt another proposal will threaten Western Port.  We should all be encouraged that we have the power and influence to effect change and commit to remaining engaged.

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