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Creating Biosphere habitats tick the boxes for conservation.

March 21, 2024

Annie Leitch – Communications and Extension Coordinator, Fitzgerald Biosphere Community Collective (FBCC)

Habitat boxes play a crucial role in supporting wildlife conservation efforts, particularly in regions like Southwest Australia where biodiversity is rich but habitats are increasingly threatened.  

They can come in many shapes and sizes and use a variety of materials. We focused on insects, amphibians, birds and mammals. Different behaviours of these critters determine different designs. 

First and foremost, the preparation for this event began weeks before. Mustering up plumbing pipe, solar lights, sphagnum moss, donated timber and Jarrah offcuts and filling the trailer with gravel from home construction, banksia pods, paperbark and pine needles. 

Al, a local handyman volunteer, sets up a workshop by proxy out the front as we begin with a tabletop introduction from Nathan McQuoid, local Landscape Ecologist, former Fitzy Parks’ Ranger and Chair of the FBCC. Combining his knowledge and expertise from his carpentry, ecology profession and experience within the region, he gives us insight with examples of natural hollows we are trying to imitate and emphasized the importance of giving thought to what might occur in various areas, correct placement of habitat boxes, monitoring these safely and most importantly, encouraging the sharing of our findings and asking lots of questions. 

It’s events like these that bring us all together in a shared mission to nurture and protect our local environment. The event was inspiring, creative, educational and above all, hands-on and fun! 



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