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The biosphere reserve PDF icon nomination document contains a number of commitments regarding governance and management.

The Biosphere Foundation’s  constitution was adopted at the inaugural meeting in December 2003, and in conjunction with the Corporations Act 2001 (Commonwealth), sets the statutory governance framework for the foundation.

There is a procedural pathway prescribed for changing the constitution, should that prove necessary or desirable. However, the organisational review conducted during 2005 concluded that no changes to the constitution were warranted at that time.

The Biosphere Foundation’s PDF icon charter was also adopted at the inaugural meeting in December 2003. The charter reflects both the aspirational objectives of the foundation and the specific governance expectations of the Victorian State Government. It provides the broad vision for the biosphere reserve.

The Biosphere Foundation’s PDF icon Living Strategy provides a concise description of its strategy to achieve MAB objectives in the biosphere reserve.

In 2014, a  Governance Review Report was conducted by Kevin Love and the recommendations were adopted by the membership and board.

Prior to this, in 2010, an evaluation study was conducted by Roberts Evaluation Pty Ltd, as required by Victoria's Biosphere Reserve Policy, to determine the effectiveness of the biosphere reserve since its designation in 2002 (​Performance of the Mornington Peninsula and Western Port Biosphere Reserve Evaluation Study, Roberts Evaluation Pty Ltd, and ​PDF icon Board response to the Roberts Evaluation report

A range of internal policies guide the day-to-day operation of the Biosphere Foundation.

In 2014 the Biosphere successfully underwent its  ten year review with UNESCO.  This location map was included in the UNESCO review.

Committee Terms of Reference