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Western Port Catchment Committee

The Western Port Catchment Committee (WPCC) is an independent community/agency liaison group with an interest in the sustainability of the Western Port catchment.

The WPCC provides an open networking forum to:

  • Promote an exchange of information and ideas between agencies, authorities and community.
  • Help identify new and emerging issues and contribute to problem solving processes.
  • Provide constructive feedback and comments on issues of local, regional and international importance.
  • Advocate, support and help facilitate programs for the protection and enhancement of the Western Port environment.
  • Assist Melbourne Water the Port Phillip & Western Port Catchment Management Authority and other agencies to identify priorities within the catchment.
  • Help initiate, facilitate, promote and maximize locally important on-ground projects.

Supported by the Biosphere Foundation, the WPCC secretariat is attached to the Foundation's office in Hastings. It does, however, act independently with a strong community focus.

Membership is free and open to anyone who is interested.  Membership enquiries can be directed to the WPCC Executive Officer, Ian Stevenson:  ian@biosphere.org.au


The Western Port Catchment Committee has met for over 15 years to explore topical issues and share knowledge on a broad range of environmental initiatives. Occasional speakers present talks on a range of contemporary topics related to the greater Western Port catchment.

In recent years, an annual excursion such as a boat trip (see below), has been popular with members and community and agency groups..

These events provide a first-hand experience and an opportunity to share knowledge, with speakers presenting on topics such as seagrass, mangroves, turbidity, migratory and local bird research, geomorphology, climate change, and cultural heritage.

All WPCC activities are promoted in the Biosphere’s The Connector newsletter. Enquiries can be forward to the Committee's Executive Officer, Ian Stevenson: ian@biosphere.org.au

Upcoming excursionA tour of HMAS Cerberus will be held on Monday 27 March, 2017. The intention is to meet at 9.30am for a bus tour to various base attractions including the museum.  Following lunch, a car convoy will explore some of the natural features towards Sandy Point before returning for exit at 2.30pm.


Annual Boat Trip

The Western Port Catchment Committee is affiliated with the Biosphere and has met for over 13 years to explore topical issues and share knowledge on a broad range of environmental initiatives.

An annual boat excursion is been offered to all community and agency interests to provide a first-hand experience. The boat trip is an opportunity to share knowledge between all those on board, with speakers presenting on topics such as seagrass, mangroves, turbidity,migratory and local bird research, geomorphology, climate change.All costs for the day including lunch will be kindly covered by the Biosphere Foundation.

Boat trips are promoted in The Connector newsletter, and enquiries can be forward to the Committee's Executive Officer Ian Stevenson on ian@biosphere.org.au


Previous meeting

Speakers included:

Greg Hunt, SECCA: Western Port Local Coastal Hazard Assessment. (PDF icon SECCA PDF icon secca_wpcc_20_august_2015.pdfand Background information

Dr Paul Carnell, Deakin University: Blue Carbon opportunity for Western Port. PDF icon  PDF icon carnell_blue_carbon_wpcc_20_august_2015.pdfand Background information

For further information or to register your interest, please contact Ian Stevenson at ian@biosphere.org.au or call the office on 0359 792 167.

Past Presentations

Popular past presentations include:   The Port of Hastings presented by CEO Mike Lean;  Geology of Western Port, Phillip Island & Bass Coast presented by Mike Cleeland; Penguin habitat restoration of the Summerland Peninsula, Phillip Island presented by Roz Jessop, Phillip Island Nature Parks;  Ecological history of the Kooweerup Swamp and associated grasslands presented by Jeff Yugovic; Western Port’s environment research program overview presented by Rhys Coleman of Melbourne Water; Mangrove revegetation project and associated research presented by Tom Hurst, Melbourne Water; The Western Port Biosphere Growing Connections Project presented by Chris Chambers, Western Port Biosphere.