Connector Newsletter Issue 29

Local Hydrogen Project could play a role in the Energy Transition to Lower Emissions

April 14, 2021

The world-first Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain (HESC) Project aims to produce and transport clean liquid hydrogen from Australia’s Latrobe Valley to Kobe in Japan.

To combat climate change, a range of clean energy options must be pursued.  Hydrogen is a fuel of the future that, when used as a fuel for cars, heavy transport, power generation and industry, produces only water as an emission.

The HESC Project places Victoria at the forefront of the global energy transition to lower emissions via hydrogen.  It is being developed in two phases — a pilot which is currently in progress and a commercial phase.

Key elements of the pilot supply chain include:

The current HESC Pilot Project is creating approximately 400 jobs across the Victorian supply chain.  The decision to progress to a commercialisation phase, which will produce clean hydrogen from Latrobe Valley coal with carbon capture and storage (CCS), will be made after the pilot project is completed.  The port location for a commercial phase will be determined after the pilot.

If the commercialisation phase progresses in the 2030s, the HESC Project could produce 225,000 tonnes of clean hydrogen each year.  Using CSIRO data, it is estimated this could reduce global CO2 emissions by 1.8 million tonnes per year, equivalent to taking 350,000 petrol engine cars off the road.

This pioneering pilot project is delivered by a partnership between Japanese and Australian experienced industry partners and supported by the Victorian, Australian and Japanese Governments.  The Project Partners continue to consult with the community in and around Hastings and welcome any questions or feedback.  Learn more and get in touch by visiting

Article supplied by the Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain Project

HESC Hastings liquefaction plant. Copyright of HESC.


Just as we were going to print, the following update arrived on our desk:

On Friday, we announced commencement of operations at both Victorian sites of the HESC Pilot Project.

HESC Project Partners wish to share this news with you, as it is a significant milestone for the pilot.

The commencement of the Australian arm of operations, using Latrobe Valley coal to produce hydrogen, is a world first and a great leap forward for the country’s ambition to be a key player in the emerging global hydrogen economy.

Hydrogen gas will soon be transported by truck to Australia’s first hydrogen liquefaction facility in Hastings, which is also operational.

Subsequent development will be the first shipment of hydrogen between Australia and Japan, aboard the world’s first purpose-built liquefied hydrogen carrier, the Suiso Frontier.

Thank you for the curiosity you have shown in the project to date.  Without the support of the Hastings and wider Mornington Peninsula community, this project would not be possible.

You can read more about this latest development here or by watching this video.  And as always, you can keep up-to-date on project news by subscribing to the HESC e-newsletter.

Finally, we are here to listen and answer your questions, please reach out by calling us on 1800 875 251 or via [email protected]


Liquefaction storage and loading facility, Hastings


Gasification and gas refining facility, Latrobe Valley


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