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Water Stewardship

Water stewardship in Western Port

This is your opportunity to be at the forefront of Water Stewardship and develop a Site Water Stewardship Plan. We will provide you with assistance to develop a Plan and the training necessary. Find out how to become a Water Steward.

Biosphere Establishes a Regional Recognition Program for Western Port Water Stewards

The Western Port Biosphere has established the first regional recognition program in the water stewardship framework and is being considered as a model for other programs in Europe, the US and China.  Read more here.

What is Water Stewardship?

Water Stewardship is a form of water management which can be externally accredited. It builds on existing works and planning that a site manager has already undertaken, or can be developed from scratch, and is easily implemented.

The Alliance for Water Stewardship has been developing a global water stewardship system since the Millennium Drought.  The system is based on:

  • an international water stewardship standard against which participating organisations can be assessed;
  • a credible verification program for assessing participating companies and organisations, and;
  • a brand and recognition system that encourages and rewards participation in improved water management practices.

With funding over 3 years from Helen Macpherson Smith Trust and support from our partners Inghams Enterprises, The Alliance for Water Stewardship, Mornington Peninsula Shire, Parks Victoria, Melbourne Water, South East Water and Port Phillips & Western Port CMA, water stewardship is intended to achieve four outcomes:

  • Sustainable water balance (the quantity of water available)
  • Good water quality
  • Healthy important water related areas, and
  • Good water governance.​

Our aims for the Biosphere Water Stewardship Program are to:

  • improve the water quality and ecology of local waterways
  • improve water security for water users within the Biosphere
  • improve and maintain the ecological conditions of significant receiving waters; for example, Ramsar wetlands, within  the Biosphere.​

Elements of a Site Water Stewardship Plan


drivers for establishing a site water stewardship plan

elements of a site water stewardship plan

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