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Protecting Ramsar Values

The Western Port Biosphere Reserve is facilitating community activities as a partner in the Port Phillip and Western Port Catchment Management Authority’s ‘Protecting the ecological values of the Western Port Ramsar site’ project

Funded by the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country program. Community activities continued recently with an information session on wetland values and threats and a landholder survey. These set the scene for further workshops focusing on specific issues such as Fox monitoring and control and weed identification and control.

Effective fox control cannot be achieved without community support. For this reason the Western Port Biosphere Reserve is working with landholders to contribute to feral animal monitoring. Data collected from motion sensing cameras on private properties will augment past and current monitoring in the Ramsar Wetlands of northern Western Port.

Recent Highlights

  • A boat trip was held for residents of northern Western Port to to learn about research being undertaken in their area and to share knowledge with scientists and fellow community members, and for scientists to learn what research others are doing.
  • A practical course on wild grasses was presented by Dr Graeme Lorimer for residents of northern Western Port to help them differentiate between weeds and native plants when undertaking weed control.
  • Motion sensing cameras have been installed on properties capturing videos of pest and native animals.

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