Watson Creek Catchment

The headwaters of Watson Creek are in Frankston South. The creek passes through Somerville and Pearcedale, before entering the waters of Western Port at Watson Inlet and into Yaringa Marine National Park.

This is home to internationally significant mangrove communities (Ramsar listed), migratory bird populations, some of Victoria’s most extensive saltmarsh habitats and highly significant seagrass and mudflat communities. As a signatory to the Ramsar Convention of 1972, Australia has an international obligation to preserve and protect these areas.

The creek and catchment has been significantly affected by urban and agricultural development and has high levels of nutrient and other pollution. Historically, Watson Creek has gone from being a system of swampy creeks and wetlands, to a series of channels and drains but a small and significant 15% of the native vegetation remains. Our collective work on water stewardship can help improve these conditions, benefiting the ecosystems along the creek and in the Yaringa Marine National Park.

We now have 10 Site Water Stewardship Plans underway within Watson Creek. More sites will be added over time, so if you would like your property to be included see our Become a Water Steward page.

Learn more about Watson Creek

Watson Creek Landcare Group commissioned SEEDS Environmental Interpretations & Bushland Restoration to produce a short video highlighting the creek’s values and impacts along with a call to action. While it’s aimed at Grades 5 to 8, we can all learn something from this educational video.

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