Meet your Bushland

Meet your Bushland

The Meet your Bushland program helps to connect landholders with native bush on their properties through a walk-and-talk on the landholder property, focusing on the sections of the property with the highest habitat values. After the site tour the landholder receives a short report outlining the conservation values of their property including a map of the property, the Ecological Vegetation Classes present, a list of significant flora and fauna known or likely to occur, any environmental issues on the property, e.g. weed control, and the support available to assist, such as grants.

We still have a few remaining places left for this program so please contact us if you are interested. The selection criteria includes quality and size of existing bush on the property, connectivity with existing or planned Biolink’s (i.e. Linking MP Landscape Biolink’s and Greens Bush to Arthurs Seat Biolink’s), and connectivity with public bushland reserves.

The aim of this project is to engage landholders in conservation efforts, building a connection with the native bush on their properties, improving awareness of local environmental values and promoting conservation. The ultimate goal is to empower and engage landholders to steward their bushland through weed control, fencing and revegetation.

Additional benefits:

Meet Your Bushland – a Mornington Peninsula landholder engagement program | MP Landcare

Connect with Tahlia to find out more: [email protected]

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