Biodiversity In Schools

In 2020, the Biosphere Foundation began its Biodiversity in Schools project.

Initially working with three schools in Mornington Peninsula Shire, we are aiming to expand into the other four local government areas soon.  We are also willing to work with other groups around Western Port to increase knowledge about our migratory shorebirds, their habitat needs and how we can all help protect them. We have involvements with a number of schools in the region.

Biosphere staff assist students with identifying the different bird species and researching their habitat needs. Students can monitor populations of the international migratory shorebirds of the Ramsar wetland and develop communications pieces for engaging with school and local communities on the actions that they can take in caring for these awe-inspiring birds.

To discuss this and other Biosphere projects, please contact staff at the Biosphere on the email address as follows:

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