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The benefits of being a Water Steward

The principles of Water Stewardship assist organisations to remain good corporate citizens by helping them to mitigate any potential direct risk to local waterways.  The principles improve understanding of water risks and the social, environmental and economic benefits water provides the wider community.

The benefits of being a Water Steward include:

  • cost savings through more efficient water and fertilizer management
  • a more secure water future
  • recognition of good practice through a documented water stewardship plan
  • accreditation as a Water Steward
  • the potential for funding for on-site works

Inghams Enterprises, based at Somerville, developed a water stewardship plan for their site in 2014 and have seen these benefits on-site. Over time, and in parallel with other landholders, these benefits will accrue and result in improved environmental conditions in Watson Creek.

A site water stewardship plan will help you achieve other industry and environmental standards and add value to existing programs and whole farm plans by integrating water management into these plans. In the Watson Creek catchment we will be able to assist landholders, businesses and farmers in developing and implementing these plans.

The Biosphere project team will help water stewards develop and implement their site plans, gain funding to undertake works and monitor improvements over time.

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