Growing Connections

Known as "Growing Connections" for short, this project is officially named "Connecting and Improving Habitat Corridors Regionally to Create a Biodiverse, Resilient Western Port Biosphere". Delivered by the Western Port Biosphere Reserve Foundation with support from the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Future Biodiversity Fund.

The project will deliver key strategic documents for the Biosphere, providing a single vision for the protection and enhancement of biodiversity into the future

  • Funding: $2,267,100
  • In kind: $1,662,000
  • Timeframe: 6 year project delivered in 5 calendar years
  • Who: Over 25 key stakeholders
  • Contact: Chris Chambers, Project Coordinator “Growing Connections”, c/o Western Port Biosphere, ph. 03 5979 2167, email

Project outcomes:

  • Expanded cooperative strategic management
  • Enhanced quality of existing biodiversity reserves
  • Clear statements of carbon sequestration
  • Cooperation across the biosphere’s entire population, supporting local government and government agencies to improve the health of landscapes and integration of budgetary allocations where appropriate
  • Develop a Biodiversity Action Plan for the Biosphere
  • Support for Ramsar nomination
  • Improve landscape function through targeted revegetation
  • A rigorous monitoring program of not only project delivery but of the health of biodiversity across the Biosphere
  • Application of innovative technologies, including carbon capture measurements and a biosphere-wide GIS environment
  • Appropriate governance and adaptive management applied throughout the delivery of the project

Further information: Project overview, February 2013

Building the Biosphere's biodiversity action plan with community input

The Growing Connections Project is developing a plan of important areas for biodiversity conservation and landscape reconnection across the biosphere.

A community workshop in Pakenham on 3 May 2013 was attended by more than 70 people and over 20 community groups, local governments and state agencies. The results are captured in the overview and maps below:

Maps showing individual results from each group at the workshop:



Project overview, February 2013

Biodiversity action plan

Community workshop photo

Trust for Nature's Doug Robinson (above left), guest presenter at the May 2013 Growing Connections community workshop, with project coordinator Chris Chambers (above right). Participants mapped biodiversity assets and opportunities to reconnect the landscape.

Community workshop photo
Community workshop photo