White-winged Triller

Welcome to the inaugural Western Port Biosphere Lifesearch!

Lifesearch is for everyone to join in and help find the huge range of species that share our Biosphere.  Building on Biosphere Birdsearch, which began two years ago (and which continues as part of Lifesearch), Biosphere Lifesearch will look to document as many species of plants and animals right across the Biosphere during the week 18-26 October 2014 (including all of both weekends).

Biosphere Lifesearch is running in conjunction with Birdlife Australia’s annual Bird Week.  This year, Bird Week’s theme is The Aussie Backyard Bird Count.  The Biosphere is our backyard, so let’s all see what we can find!

Form your team of two people or more - friends, family, schoolmates or neighbours.  Submit an entry form and start to plan where you will search.  It might be your garden, the back paddock, a local reserve or lake, along the coast, on dry land or in the water.  You can submit what you find in either of two ways:

For species you and at least one of your team-mates can positively identify, submit a list with the name of your team, clear species names and the names of any reference books used to help identify them to admin@biosphere.org.au.

For all other species, submit a digital photograph, video or recording to the Western Port Biosphere Lifesearch Project at www.bowerbird.org.au - create a log in, then just follow the directions to upload your photos.  You can also upload photos of species you have identified.  Once photos are posted on Bowerbird, all sorts of experts can view them and identify them.  All species identified through Bowerbird will be included on your team’s list.

All school entries that include birds will be treated as Biosphere Birdsearch entries as well, and will be eligible for the Biosphere Birdsearch Shield.  Lifesearch prizes and categories are still being finalized, and will be updated here as details are confirmed.

Biosphere Lifesearch is citizen science in action - a chance for everyone to add to our knowledge of the biodiversity around us.  The more we know about our natural world, the better we can manage and protect it for the future, one of the core objectives of the Man and the Biosphere program.

So whether you’re an expert on birds, banksias, beetles or biology in general, or you’re just interested in finding and learning more about the biodiversity around you, Biosphere Lifesearch is the event for you.  Download an entry form, send it in, do your planning and on 18 October - start searching!


Brought to you in partnership with:

Birdlife Australia

Thank you to Andrew Isles for donation of books as prizes.

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